A Reverie Of A Memory by Anilakumar Govindappa

Known for capturing small moments in ordinary life and expanding them into the extraordinary, in A Reverie of a Memory, Anilakumar Govindappa relives the moments of his distant and not so distant past spread across cities. Though not exclusively aligned with constructivism, through the colorful lens of his wild imagination, he tells an open-ended story, leaving much to the perception of the viewer. Diving into universal topics of home, love, and attachment, Govindappa’s practice is one of observations, including in the landscape of life, acknowledgement of the political. Take what you will from each depiction and let it stir you to recollect the overlooked pleasantness of a moment weighted in the world.

Venue : Method Juhu

Dates : 15th July - 21st August 2023

About Anilakumar Govindappa

Anilakumar has a BVA in painting from the Ken School of Art in Bengaluru and an MFA in printmaking from the Sarojini Naidu School of Arts and Communication, University of Hyderabad. A recipient of several awards, including the South Indian Art Exhibition Chandra Ilango Jury Award (2013) and the HRD Young Artist Scholarship awarded by the Ministry of Culture (2012), he has been part of many workshops, residencies and group exhibitions.