Information Architecture™ by Kunel Gaur

Kunel's creative process feeds on channeled thoughts or ideas and found sensibilities. Information Architecture is a collection of contemplative abstract sculptural works and bricolage that play upon the absence of function whilst still using all kinds of functional aesthetics, and hardware - in the way that the only purpose they are left with is to exist. To be just and in the moment with the viewer. He builds using architectural material like wood, concrete, resin, metal, acrylic paint, screen printing techniques, glass and electricals amongst other such. He often mixes his work with the written word, flirting with what could be called prose, poetry or at once both.


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Mumbai Gallery Weekend Preview : Thursday, 10th Feb to Sunday, 13th Feb 2022

Closing Date : Sunday, 20th March 2022

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The Art:




Title : The Answer

Size: 60" x 55"

Medium: Acrylic on Compressed Wood (MDF) and Screws.


Title : Array One
Size : 60" x 48"
Medium : Acrylic, Ink and found printed material on Compressed Wood (MDF) and Screws.


Title : Lotus Pocus
Size : 48" x 30"
Medium : Acrylic on Compressed Wood (MDF) and Screws.


Title : Mezzanine
Size: 48" x 36"
Medium : Ceramic tiles and Wooden board.


Title : Past Now Future Now
Size : 48" x 30"
Medium : Acrylic on Compressed Wood (MDF) and Screws.


Title : Post Future Era
Size : 48" x 30"
Medium : Acrylic on Compressed Wood (MDF) and Screws.

The Artist :

Kunel Gaur is a creative director/designer whose personal visual style is inspired by functional design and brutalist architecture and design movement that emerged in the 1950s and has come to evolve as a response to the overwhelming use of embellishment on visual communication both online and offline.

Looking at reconstruction and appropriation as means to create a sensory overlap and extract new meaning, he creates a variety of assemblages from the iconography of contemporary brands while stripping them of their excesses. These assemblages lay bare the information intended for consumption while changing how they are perceived. With the addition of quotes and text, his works become a representation of the contemporary human condition.

As a creative entrepreneur, Kunel's initiatives have been featured on platforms like London Design Festival, Jerusalem Design Week, and TEDx. As an artist, his work has been discussed on Hypebeast, Icographica, Vogue, Bored Panda, Picame, Fubiz amongst others.

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