Lines of Inquiry by Ashna Malik

We are more than physical bodies living this life, yet the veiling power of our limited perceptions leads us to believe only in that which is understood through the most commonly agreed upon senses. We rely on sight, sound, smell, feel, and tough to interpret the world, and as a result, we limit our ability to discern truth. We end up with a distorted, surface glimpse of something far greater than we can possibly interpret using the physical.

Through paintings, interactive projections, and laser cut wall sculptures, Ashna’s work nudges the viewer to question the nature of their own reality. What do they see and how do they understand it? In the patterned layers, Ashna pushes us past the surface view of life and into the depths of malleable, cosmic unknowns. During this journey, she urges the viewer to stop taking “truths” for granted and to start seeing the infinite possibilities. By probing beyond appearances we see the unifying, infinite power within us and connecting everything around us.

Dates : Thursday, 11th May - Sunday, 28th May 2023

Venue : Method Kala Ghoda


Ashna Malik


Ashna Malik (b. 1998 New Delhi, India) is a multidisciplinary artist who uses a combination of traditional and digital media to investigate ideas of perception, distortion, immersion and experience. Currently based in New Delhi, India she has exhibited her work and is included in private collections in the United States, France, and India.

Through paintings and interactive projections, Malik aims to have the viewer question their limited perception and understanding of reality through stimulating visuals. Using a combination of digital and traditional media, Malik pushes boundaries and provides the viewer with an encapsulating experience. Dynamic lines and vibrant colors create movement and distortion through optical play challenging the viewer’s perception of what they see and understand.