The Egg Comes First by Smita Sahu

 With her recent works, Smita Sahu deconstruct and deflects. She permits the paint to move and coalesce without meaning, without thought. Does meaning have to precede every creation? Or can a creation come before its meaning reveals itself?

Smita builds layer by layer, with texture, scratches, creases, random signs and marks, and, most of all, with asemic writing. The result is a personal mantra in paint. Needless to say, all forms and shapes acquire meaning in time. The journey continues.

Smita Sahu Hamzeh combines acrylics, photography, drawing and humour to create a textured, classical palette. She lives between Mumbai and Toronto and the cities inform her work in ways both subtle and overt.

Show Dates : 27th November - 13th December 2022

Show Location : Method Bandra


The Egg Comes First by Smita Sahu

About The Artist


Smita Sahu

Smita Sahu-Hamzeh is a visual communicator who lived and worked in Ottawa, Canada in the publishing industry. With a wealth of experience in her now ripped back pocket, she eagerly embraces her next phase. Her life in a northern milieu gives way to spontaneous, warm and open inspirations in the Indian setting.