Bodies, Space, & Time

Step into a realm where bodies, space, and time converge, unveiling a profound entanglement. Precious, transformable, and temporary, boundaries and definitions expand and contract, never failing to remind us that the fundamental can simultaneously hold insignificance.

Yet, we continue to embrace and confront these elements both intimately and vastly acknowledging a constant ceases to exist. This pursuit gives form to life. For it not this, then what?  

The artworks of ten artists from across India explore concepts of bodies—whether the self or another; space—both physical and mental; and time—the perceived and the preserved.

Participating Artists:

Varnita Sethi | Lakshya Bhargava | Tarini Ahuja | Shivangi Kalra | Bhagyashri Dange | Dipesh Raj | Sameer Dixit | Yashwant Singh | Kinnari Tondlekar | Tathagata Paul