Dheeraj Jadhav

Dheeraj Jadhav (b.1994) is an artist based in Mumbai. He is currently pursuing a Masters in Fine Arts at Sir J.J. School of Arts. He has also pursued a Post Graduate Diploma in Critical Theory, Aesthetic and Practice from Jnanapravaha, Mumbai (2019). His practice explores ways of documenting the sensory experience of the vibrancy of the colours of textiles that were owned by his grandmother. She belongs to the Banjara Micro Community which migrated to India from Afghanistan. He translates this documentation process via drawing, painting, photography, charcoal, ink, dry pastel, watercolour, cut and paste method and oil colours. He utilizes multiple techniques of colour application while managing the space between several forms. Jadhav has been experimenting with abstraction with mixed media which gave birth to several forms and shapes. He was inspired by Rorschach Inkblot Test where person's inner state was brought into limelight. 

Dheeraj was awarded the Students' Biennale National Award (2016-17) and the Maharashtra State Art Award for Creative Painting (2017-18). Jadhav has been part of several exhibitions and workshops such as "Kochi Students' Biennale", Kochi, Kerala (2022-23); "Geography of Consumption", Mohile Parekh Centre, Mumbai.