Conceived in 2016, RuiningMagazines (as the name suggests) started off with a few Instagram posts of old ripped up magazines. As the posts grew in number, I decided to venture into exploring the digital space that I find myself in now. (The humble beginnings of which were created on an iPhone app!)

With a Master in Fashion Brand Management and a year and a half of experience in the fashion and retail space, I’d always find solace in creating art after a long day. A couple of life-changing freelance projects later, I decided to bid adieu to the fashion industry and jump into the world of design. I’ve been lucky enough to have had the opportunity to convert my passion into a livelihood. A few interesting projects under my belt include the creation of 16 artist artworks for the very first edition of the music festival, Neon East Fest. Collaborations with the home-grown brand The Ikat Story, with various indie musicians, as well as with Vh1 India, where I currently work as an Assistant Producer. My love for scissors, glue, and creating conglomerations, is paired with the desire to carve a niche for myself in the design world of Mumbai and beyond. As a self-taught artist, it has been interesting to see RuiningMagazines evolve into the brand it is today.