• Collage Workshop with RuiningMagazines | Method Juhu | 30 Jul

Collage Workshop with RuiningMagazines | Method Juhu | 30 Jul

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Here are a few things one can expect during a collage making workshop by Ruining Magazines!


  • A safe space for anyone intrigued by the ‘act of creating’, to come explore their creativity without the fear of judgement.
  • A space where time flies, because you’re having fun.
  • A space to learn and ‘be’ and experience the meditative bliss that comes with the process of creation.


We at Ruining Magazines believe that humans are creative and expressive beings, who wish to leave a piece of ourselves in the things we make. Whether we express ourselves through immaculate Excel sheets or eye opening Pitch Decks or even beautifully worded emails, we are always creating!


The act of creation grounds us in the moment. It gives us a chance to channel our emotions into something tangible.


It’s in moments like these, we are truly connected to ourselves. So here’s a chance to lose yourself in the moment, and a chance to make sure you don’t look at a magazine the same way ever again!


About the Facilitator: Ruining Magazines


Ruining Magazines is a niche design studio, based out of Mumbai and Goa, India. We have a keen eye for detail and a flair for creating strong visual communications that turn heads.


Even though our love for creating conglomerations is usually digitally expressed, we often like to go back to our roots and collage with scissors, glue and paper!


We have worked with clients like Google Arts and Culture, Pfizer, Nykaa, ELLE India and more.


We’re proud to say that we have helped a diverse range of clients achieve their creative goals, while still having fun along the way!