Shaina Nikam

Sketch pens, acrylics, Szechuan sauce - everything is a medium for artist, Shaina Nikam. She’s a content creator and an art history enthusiast that hopes to be the next Tina Fey. Somehow. 

For her first exhibit, refusing to be boxed in by one specific theme, style, or message, Shaina Nikam panicked when it came to labeling her show. 

“Why Does Everything Have to Make Sense” was born from this panic. 

Does art even make sense? You, the viewer, make sense of it. But before you process what’s in front of you, through your personal reality, there’s a split second where art is purely stimulus being sensed by sense organs.

She hopes to leave the viewer of 10 artworks, slightly flummoxed.

Spend some time in that split second before things make sense: if they ever do.