• 121 by Santosh Jain

121 by Santosh Jain

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An original work of art by Delhi based artist Santosh Jain.

Unframed Size : 15" x 22.5"
Framed Size : 20.5" x 27"
Medium : Graphite & Chinese Ink on Archival Paper
Framing : White Box Frame with Glass

The artwork is signed by the artist and accompanied by an original certificate of authenticity.

About The Artist


Santosh Jain’s art career began in 1971 as a young Printmaker in College Of Art, Delhi. Her prints earned her an inclusion in prestigious artist associations - Group 8, Shilpi Chakra, Lalit Kala Akademi, Bombay Art Society and AIFACS. Followed by a 2 years fellowship to the Netherlands before she returned to New Delhi in 1976.

By using mediums as a language of expression, Jain’s practice over the years has included lithographs, collages, paintings and photographs. The past decade of her career has centered around Digital Landscapes – a dexterous juxtaposition of her original photographs of the everyday with photography softwares, virtual brushes and traditional artistic tools such as acrylic, charcoal and pen.

Her recurring subjects include ‘women’ and ‘the exploited’ that expand into empathy and layered personal narratives. She refers to these works as ‘her second language, which allows her to freely share long forgotten episodes of her life and her innermost feelings’. Her creative process is intense and each creation is a unique edition.

Jain is currently based in Delhi