• Let's Take This Some Place Private by Tyler

Let's Take This Some Place Private by Tyler

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One of a kind, original, artwork by India's most infamous street artist, Tyler.

Medium : Spray Paint, Wood

Size: 39" Diameter


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6. All works are limited stencil art editions. While the specific pieces here are unique with regards to the medium and found objects they are created on, the stencil art might be recreated in the future on different a different canvas. Each stencil edition will be recreated, if so, up to a maximum of 3 times.

About The Artist

Tyler is an anonymous street artist from Mumbai. Since 2010 Tyler has created works using city walls as his canvas to bring to the fore various subjects that define society and culture around us. His works, often political, are brutally honest opinions expressed in charming and mischievous ways that relate and appeal to everyone who views them. 

Tyler’s works have been exhibited in group shows in India and Amsterdam.

His works have appeared in several Indian and International news publications including The New York Times, Al Jazeera and The Times of India among others.