A Small Part Of The Big Picture

Show Dates : 20th Oct - 16th Nov, 2022. Open daily, 8 am to 10 pm.

The Webb telescope photos affirmed what we already knew: we are miniscule beyond miniscule in 2022’s largest picture of things. In the vastness of existence against the history and future of time, we are utterly insignificant. Yet, we are but a blip in this wide expanse. Each momentary choice of community, solitude, building up, tearing down, action and inaction, contributes to the pushing forth or deterioration of society, perhaps even of a universe. Yet, it also doesn’t; not really. This group show reflects upon the beauty and pain, the burden and joy, of being a small part of such a big picture in our lineage, societies, and beyond.

Artists: Anuradha Bhaumick, Koyal Raheja, Shivani Vyas, Shreya Parasrampuria, Tushar Kanoi.