Song To Self

Show Dates : 7th October to 21st October 2022. Open daily, 11 am to 7 pm.

Location : Method Kala Ghoda

14th century Kashmiri mystic, Lal Ded, affectionately called Lalla, is the heart and voice of SONG TO SELF as it traces her path through fields and forests towards enlightenment. It honours ancient feminine wisdom. It leads us inwards by tuning in to the body and breath.

These songs of awareness are translated in Wolf’s inimitable style - using scrap, discards and found objects from Kashmir and around the world.

As we journey through a particularly dark and tumultuous era, this seems a relevant time to reawaken the Lalla in each one of us.

SONG TO SELF is a hope for a better world.






Curatorial Note

WOLF’s journey as artists mirrors their journey through life, and every experience and question becomes the seed for an art awakening! The seismic shifts in the world at large drove them to seek quietude and fresh air - off the beaten track, in Kashmir; this is where they ‘met' and became enraptured with Lad Ded.

It doesn’t take much to draw the parallels in what the two believe and seek, 700 years apart… It is today’s interpretation of a 14th century thought that makes it become a living reality.

This is our eighth show together, and like each one before, the path they tread becomes one that you want so much to discover, and one that always takes you to a step higher within yourself. - Srila Chatterjee
About The Artist
WOLF, an artistic collective in Jaipur, works with scrap, waste and found discards to create new worlds that you are invited to share, get enchanted by and use the experience to make much needed change.