Beneath The Surface

“I don’t understand art!”

One of the most interesting aspects of abstract art is its ability to mean something while not relying on the viewer to understand it. Abstract art offers the observer a certain sense of freedom for personal interpretation, heavily relying on interaction. As an enigmatic outlier from other art forms that beg interpretation, abstract art waits for the viewer to find their own meaning beyond an initial impression. Abstraction does not lack meaning, but rather acts as an exploration of the depths of human experience.

While an abstract artist may begin with, or through the process of art making, ascribe meaning to their work, they rarely expect their observers to find it. Rather, the artist fosters an experience, evoking what lies beneath the surface of each individual’s own hidden existence.

This show presents the works of nine artists from around the country, all working in a variety of mediums and styles. While some artists have shared a concept note on their particular work, Method encourages you to spend time with each work prior to reading what the artist may have to say about it. Let the art speak to you without mediation by the artist or curator. How do you feel? What does it conjure up? To experience art is to journey beneath the surface.