• Tripper Trooper 08 by Rohan Joglekar

Tripper Trooper 08 by Rohan Joglekar

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Tripper Trooper Print Collectors also get admission to Chatty In The Hippocampus, A Whimsical Telling of Paintings by Juhi Sharma.

Tripper Troopers are surreal characters created by Goa based artist Rohan Joglekar and are part of his larger "Happy In The Hippocampus" collection of works.

The "Happy In The Hippocampus" collection is a surreal universe created by Rohan that features landscapes, emotions and characters. The characters in this representation of the artist's dream states are titled "Tripper Troopers". Juxtaposed by vivid and evocative backgrounds, the tripper troopers are imaginary characters that are in a state of self reflection. A state in which they apologetically question their decisions that result in pleasure, gratification and self actualisation while questioning their role in the larger universe of reality.

The Tripper Troopers represent an investigation into the disconnected dynamic of dreams and reality.

  • Medium : Digital Print on Archival Paper
  • Size: 6" x 6"
  • Edition of 20
  • Signed & Numbered by the artist

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Rohan started his career as a designer at Light-Fish, Auroville. Returning home after a couple of years to pursue the visual arts, he joined the gig economy to create illustrations, murals, sculptures and merchandise while developing his painterly skills with private commissions and personal projects.

Rohan now works primarily as a painter from his studio in Goa. Deeply fascinated by nature he draws his inspiration from its complex mechanics. In the styles of magical realism and pop-surealism his art embodies a self developed technique influenced by an education in sustainable design, love for ecology and popular culture.