• oblivious 5 by Linesh Desai
  • oblivious 5 by Linesh Desai

oblivious 5 by Linesh Desai

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Limited edition print of photography by Linesh Desai. 

Medium : Digital Print on Archival Paper.

Size : 18" x 18"

Framing : Prints are sold unframed. 

Edition Details :

  • Limited Edition of 10 Prints.
  • Each print is signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity

Additional Notes:

  1. Price is inclusive of local taxes.
  2. Shipping rates as applicable. 
  3. Framing can be done on request. Additional framing, shipping and packaging charges will be confirmed over email once we receive your order.
  4. For international orders, please email us at transmissions@themethod.in

About The Artist

Linesh R Desai is a visual artist based out of Bombay. Having studied graphic design, he started by working at an advertising agency and eventually took up cinematography. He has been actively working in the field for the past 6 years. As a photographer, his practice stems from observing the world around him, rather than anything else. A daily exercise in “seeing”, his photographs are more visually driven rather than conceptually driven. For him, his work is more process oriented rather result oriented. More instinct, less thought; like a shooting a film before writing a script.