• Gulaab (70s: Pre College) by Anuradha Bhaumick

Gulaab (70s: Pre College) by Anuradha Bhaumick

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Main Theme: Monn’er Golpo | The Time Traveller’s Parents

Nanda and her favourite flower, a giant Oxblood Rose. My mom grew up in a Fertiliser factory and her grandfather grew show roses along with a plethora of giant vegetables, fruits & flowers all of which were much larger than normal sized specimens. My great grandfather always made sure to gift my mom an Oxblood coloured rose whenever they met, which he called Kalo Gulap. My mom still talks about how no flower could ever compare to her grandpa’s Kalo roses


Medium : Hand embroidery, gouache & water colours on muslin

Size : 3.5" Diameter

Edition : Unique

Framing : Framed (Ships unframed outside Mumbai)

Artwork is signed by the artist

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Anuradha Bhaumick is an embroidery & textile artist from Bangalore, India. She learnt embroidery at the age of 5 from her mother. Through her art practice she wishes to embroider the objects that form the patina of one’s life story; creating a mini universe and exploring the relationship between a person and their surroundings.