• In Here I Shall Find by Tathagata Paul
  • In Here I Shall Find by Tathagata Paul

In Here I Shall Find by Tathagata Paul

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An original painting by Tathagata Paul.

Size : 24" x 42"

Medium : Acrylic & Oil on Canvas

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Tathagata Paul (b. 1995) is a contemporary artist based out of Kolkata, India. Pauls practice revolves around abstraction & colour field presented in a contemporary style. For his current experimentation, he takes his practice on a large-scale to demonstrate and draw in a relationship with the themes of emotions, memories, identity, and the human experiences with it. His articulation of these concepts are showcased using traditional mediums like charcoal, acrylics, oils. Through his practice he deals with the question, “Where do emotions reside?” and explores the relationship between emotions and memories, and how that plays a part to make up our identity. Just like the contrast between different emotions or memories, his artwork is about the contrast between the different colours or value areas. It is about their intrinsic qualities like reflectivity, transparency, glossiness, and how a layer reacts or appears when viewed from different angles and as the light hits that area from different angles. Paul has been involved with the brand Brustro by Creative Hands (India) as an art educator. Also, he has collaborated with other brands such as Cretacolor (Austria). He has been part of multiple group exhibitions in held in Kolkata and Chennai. As an emerging artist, he has been recognised and selected for critical review and feedback at KHOJ studios (Peer share) in Delhi, India.