• In Search of Comfort Zone 5 by Nilanjan Das
  • In Search of Comfort Zone 5 by Nilanjan Das

In Search of Comfort Zone 5 by Nilanjan Das

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Original artwork by Nilanjan Das.

Size : 13" x 19"

Medium : Emboss, Serigraphy & Graphite on Paper

This artwork comes with a frame.

Public display of affection (PDA) is a political yet heavily contested idea in a society like India. Most Indian cities do not have places for lovers or couples. Those who do not have a place to go often use public parks, cafeterias, or even public transport to spend some intimate moments. PDA in India is not just a performative act to challenge the taboo and stricture of a conservative society; it also comes from the basic desire and unavailability of a place to go. Indian society at large and public spaces, in particular, are not friendly and rather hostile to the idea of men, women, and people of different sexualities expressing the intimacy of their relationships publicly. Couples and lovers have become victims of moral policing by locals and law enforcement agents. Some authorities have even placed surveillance systems, defensive devices, or social disciplinary designs and public notice to dissuade couples or lovers from getting physically intimate in public settings.

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Dr. Nilanjan Das completed his BFA, MFA, and Ph.D. in Printmaking from Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata. He is presently working as an assistant professor in the Department of Printmaking at Utkal University of Culture, Bhubaneswar. He is a trustee and artist of the Hamdasti Artist Collective, Kolkata.

Nilanjan is a printmaker and installation artist. He is interested in the role of printmaking in the public domain and has initiated several public art projects. His art practice explores the idea of gender interaction and intimacy in the public space.

Nilanjan has received awards and participated in artist residencies and exhibitions in India and abroad. Worthy of mention are Artist in Residency, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore, in 2023; Incept Grant, Art Incept, Delhi, in 2022; the Manorama Young Printmaker Award 2021 from India Printmaker House; Pulp Society Artist in Residency, First Edition, Delhi, in 2020; the Sponsored Coursework Program Award at Give me space, New Prints 2020 at International Print Center, New York; Socially Engaged Art Practice Grant, Khoj International Artists’ Association, Delhi, in 2019; and Megalo Artist in Residence Award, Canberra, Australia, in 2018.