• Part of Journey 6 by Vikas Shiyal
  • Part of Journey 6 by Vikas Shiyal

Part of Journey 6 by Vikas Shiyal

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Original artwork by Vikas Shiyal.

Size : 8.3" x 11.7"

Medium : Acrylic on Paper

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Vikas, when younger, used to draw rolling hills and little cottages with a childlike quality, featuring layers of patterned fields and hills. By using a range of colors, with warm tones reserved for the facades, a sense of depth was created. The cottage focused on composition, commanding the entire landscape. The basis for this was a monotype, a unique printed painting.

Vikas used rollers and daubers to spread ink, making marks with cloth and other tools. Textured materials impressed wallpaper and fabric with ink, all done to the highest standards on quality paper. The color accuracy on the Core was first-rate.

Bring nature, light, and joy into your home with Vikas's expressive, colorful landscape art. This art is for those who respond to the natural world and want to bring the outdoors inside to appreciate every day. Vikas developed a unique landscape style, combining rich colors, detailed textures, and powerful compositions, making a big impact on your home. Drawing on memories and impressions of the English landscape, Vikas transformed these observations to bring out the essence of the world. Every element of the land – fields, hills, trees, flowers, and shores – found its ideal form and place within these paintings.