Lysergic Da(y)ze by Varsha Kumar

Varsha Kumar is a Bangalore based artist whose extremely detailed and delicate works are explorations of inner consciousness. By drowning out the world with multiple sensory triggers the artist attempts to enter a temporary zen state, and subsequently deploys various auto drawing techniques, letting the ink flow to create the work. By giving up control, the artist plays the role of a vessel, simply presenting what resides within.

Varsha will be an in-gallery resident at Method Kala Ghoda for a period of 3 weeks. The residency will present some finished works, but will primarily serve as a window to the process of the artist. From drawing inspiration from her surrounding, other art, literature, meditation, and life in itself, the walls serve as idea maps. On view are works in progress that will be presented as finished at some point in the future.

Dates : Saturday, 16th July - Sunday, 7th August 2022

Show Location :