• सारे निशान मिटा दिये गये 4 by Mohd. Intiyaz

सारे निशान मिटा दिये गये 4 by Mohd. Intiyaz

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An original painting by Mohd. Intiyaz.

Most of us look back on our college days with fondness. We feel pride and respect for the place where we studied, and community with those who passed out from the same university even if not at the same time.

Six years after studying, there was an announcement which would change everything. A voice rose - have you read the constitution? That voice spread far and wide, much further than expected. But all of a sudden everything stopped, everything became silent. A message came from a Babu - erase all the traces from the walls and alleys.

Size : 20” x 33”

Medium : Mixed Medium on Fabric

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Mohd. Intiyaz is a visual artist originally from Jharkhand, but migrated to Delhi due to unrest and uncertainty. In Delhi, he attained an MFA in Painting from Jamia Millia Islamia University. In 2018, his art was displayed at the Kochi Muziris Student Biennale, and was chosen as a resident artist for the prestigious Khoj Peers program in 2019. Subsequent years he was a resident artist with Art for Change and 1Shantiroad.

Mohd Intiyaz's works are highly personal and focus on firsthand experiences of migration and marginalization. His core memory of the past and his exposure to everyday occurrences in his neighborhood are central themes of his artwork, rooted in a sometimes uncomfortable reality. Through his work he narrates situations that most of his viewers will not personally encounter - and in doing this, he makes sure that nothing is forgotten.