• Stitches of Matriarchy - Mama by Shivani M Vyas

Stitches of Matriarchy - Mama by Shivani M Vyas

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I found this piece extremely difficult to create. There is a lot about my life which did not make sense but, now as I slowly unfold my mothers life - it does. My mother was twenty-three in the photograph that has been used. Golden specs have been dotted around her ankles to portray ghungroos as she is a classically trained Bharatanatyam dancer. She gave up her life as a dancer in Bombay after she fell in love with my father and moved to London. The letter which has been used in this piece was the time she was pregnant with my brother. My mother’s life turned around when she moved to London as the picture which was painted to her, was not real. She found herself trapped throughout her thirties, and no one till today knows about it. Her emotions were locked away in these blue letters. She found solace in becoming a special needs educator and slowly became the only bread-earner of the family. In these letters she would often enclose a couple of pounds for my grandparents. I have watched my mother shed various phases in life, such as becoming a widow and finally falling in love again. My mother continues to be a strong role model in my life, especially now, as an adult.

Medium : Embroidery, acrylic ink and archival prints on canvas

Size : 15" x 15"

Edition : Unique

Framing : Framed (ships unframed outside Mumbai)

Artwork is signed by the artist

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Shivani M Vyas is a British-Indian filmmaker, photographer & visual artist. Her work maps across analogue photography, embroidery and archival prints. She is the founder of Chhokri Films, a platform which mentors and teaches children self expression through moving and still images. Alongside her work, she is currently pursuing an honorary degree in Sociology and Ethnographic Film.