• Cast Off All Shame | Theatrical Performance | 30th Sept | Method Juhu

Cast Off All Shame | Theatrical Performance | 30th Sept | Method Juhu

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A theatrical performance featuring poetry by Janabai, Lal Ded, Akka Mahadevi, Avvaiyyari, & Soyarabai. 

About the Play: 

Cast Off All Shame begins with the spirit of medieval bhakti poet Janabai taking over a radio show and playing an agony aunt to today’s women, who have issues ranging from domestic abuse to buying sanitary pads, who get slut shamed and body shamed. It is in response to the woes of these women that Janabai speaks about the liberalizing Bhakti movement, recounting poetry of women mystic poets such as Karaikal Ammaiyar, Soyarabai, Avvaiyyar, Akka Mahadevi and Lal Ded. While the spirited Janabai (and Janabai as spirit) advocates right to body and right to choose for women, she is not some angry feminist – she is the one who has seen it all and eyes everyday issues with empathy.

Punctuated with soulful poetry and stories, Cast Off All Shame remains an entertaining, engaging and empowering experience for men and women.

Language: English-Hindi

Date: Saturday, Sept 30th

Time: 8pm-9:20pm

Where: Method Juhu


About Ulka Mayur (writer, director and performer of Cast Off All Shame):

Dr. Ulka Mayur is a versatile artist, a storyteller, a writer and a performer. Ulka has written and directed plays like Cast Off All Shame, Tik Tak Tales, Go…Go…Gomuli and I, Cloud. As a storyteller, she has performed in eminent festivals, libraries and museums.