• Balls Eye 2.0 by Material Immaterial
  • Balls Eye 2.0 by Material Immaterial
  • Balls Eye 2.0 by Material Immaterial
  • Balls Eye 2.0 by Material Immaterial
  • Balls Eye 2.0 by Material Immaterial
  • Balls Eye 2.0 by Material Immaterial

Balls Eye 2.0 by Material Immaterial

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When play becomes an integral part of our Everyday life, ideas stir, design appears and form manifest into an experience, The function remains critical for the story becomes playful.

With its minimalist aesthetic, spirited nature and attention to detail Material Immaterial presents to you ‘BALLS-EYE 2.0’.

An artefact that enthrals as well as appeases the mind, allowing one to focus on its center.

The idea of the product is to allow you to forget the chaos around you and to focus on the movement of the balls towards the centre. Thus allowing you the necessary break between difficult conversations and stressful meetings.

Dimensions : 85mm x 85mm x40mm (W x D x H)

Materials: Concrete, SS balls 3.0mm Ø

Weight: 330 Grams

Note: 'BALLE EYE 2.0' comes as a set along with Twenty five steel balls (916 grade) to make your work time more fun!!

MIM studio uses a high density, high performance custom concrete mix which is resistant to weathering. As concrete is a composite material, each piece will be slightly different in terms of colour and texture and pores. Also over time concrete products will undergo slight efflorescence. This natural occurrence can be mitigated by frequent use. Furthermore in time concrete items do become darker as they interact with moisture and air.Reclaimed Teak wood has been used for all our products, so certain features of its earlier use will be visible. The wood has been finished with linseed oil. The metal used in cufflinks is Sterling silver (925 Grade).

Avoid storing the products in humid or wet environments since water will penetrate the pores of the concrete and stain. Although they use dense mix concrete, chipping is possible if dropped or when the product makes contact with certain hard surfaces. To avoid chipping please handle the product with care and place them on soft surfaces. Our Concrete items do not require any special maintenance. Dry dusting if required with clean fibre cloth or a soft brush. For Cufflinks we have used Silver which oxidises over time, so necessary care to be taken.

All the products usually ship within 7 days of placing the order.

No refunds or returns on art sales

Material immaterial studio is built on the basic principles of bare beauty of materials. They are essentially minimalist, their designs do not offer any utopian prescriptions, rather the approach has always been of what to leave out, rather than what to put in. This reduction process is what takes them through a mirror, emerging out on the other side to discover richness, like in the subtle differences between five shades of white and the sense of release that comes from allowing space to be unencumbered by visual distractions.