• Mumbai Meri Jaan 9 by Harman Taneja
  • Mumbai Meri Jaan 9 by Harman Taneja

Mumbai Meri Jaan 9 by Harman Taneja

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An original painting by Harman Taneja

Size : 6" x 9"

Medium : Mixed Media

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Born in New Delhi, Harman Taneja is a trained architect. Though she moved away from architecture, it broadened her perspective, setting her on a different journey to create a space which lends another dimension to her artwork. While working in Auroville, she experimented with material cultivated value of material and which is where she found resin. Now resin is one of the predominant materials in her works along with other materials like water and concrete.

She is still exploring the material and trying to challenge it by attaining curvilinearity which is generally missing in frame work around us. Showing possibilities within production and materiality across different scales. She is trying to fight the set norms for us, or set rules for life, hence deforming the form of dictated cubes of set structures. Breaking free from those lines, breaking free from a rectangularity. This is where the material helps her break free from the mould of life. Currently she runs her own art studio in Delhi.